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Czech Renewable Energy Alliance

Feasibility Study for Rehabilitation of Duhok Dam Water System

Duhok dam constructed in 1988 is located on Rubar Duhok river 2km to the north of Duhok city center. Both main and coffer dams are earth fill type with central clay core followed by one layer of filter on both sides and supported by sand and gravel shell. It was established for agricultural purposes to irrigate agricultural areas estimated at 15,000 thousand acres located in the area west of the city of Duhok.

Construction of the dam was started in 1980 and was completed in 1988. The irrigation project was not utilized as required due to many reasons including damage to the structures that supply water to the agricultural fields, especially the pipes during the intifáda. In addition the expansion took place to the city of Duhok and the distribution of agricultural land to citizens converted it to residential areas. Currently, Duhok Dam is used for drinking and tourism purposes.

There are three water sources of drinking water for the whole city of Duhok. Besides the Duhok Dam Lake, it is also ground water (wells and springs) and water supply pipe from Khrabdeem, Tigris River.

The Feasibility study describes possibilities of improving the drinking water supply system in three ways:

-          Improvement of water quality by the design of water treatment plant

-          Improvement of energy efficiency by installation of hydropower plant

-          Improvement of water quality by installation of wastewater treatment plants



The project poster is avaible here.