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Czech Renewable Energy Alliance

Members of NATUREEF consortium including CREA Hydro & Energy have submitted a project proposal in response to COSME call: Clusters Go International

NATUREEF, an European Cluster Partnership, is a cluster network that was created to develop and implement a joint strategy promoting cross-sectoral cooperation and facilitating SME internationalization in the area of the Management Natural resource efficiency.

NATUREEF project aims at sustainable and recycle oriented use of natural resources and improved resources efficiency in target countries of South America, Asia and ASEAN that have been selected according to Natureef cluster consortium members. Project provides an opportunity for those SMEs in the field of Natural resource efficiency technology, which are interested to develop their marketing and networking in the target country markets. The project is also expected to improve the networking of research and development organizations and their cooperation with third countries actors. Furthermore, it should develop and strengthen the cooperation among the cluster and SMEs members as a result of B2B meetings as well as the SMEs collaboration in the working groups at international level through creating an International Natureef network.

The duration of the project is foreseen for 24 months and the work plan of the project is composed of four work packages (WP). In particular, CREA is a leader of Integration of Business Agendas WP that is aimed at better understanding of each target third country ecosystem and the possible synergies within the SMEs with a particular focus on the development and the applicability of NRE priorities. Above all it will support Czech SMEs for internationalisation.
CREA is the member of consortium made up of nine leading NRE clusters from EU. Other participants are: Biomastec from Germany, FEMAC from Spain, Green Synergy from Bulgaria, INNOSKART from Hungary, INBIOM from Denmark, AGROCLUSTER from Portugal, Green Chemistry from Poland, VEGEPOLYS from France and Green Chemistry from Poland.