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Czech Renewable Energy Alliance

Development of Technologies for Extraction and Disposal of Sediment from Water Reservoirs

The basic idea of the project is research and development of new technologies for providing a comprehensive offer of services for the design and implementation of disposal of bottom sediment particularly from water-supply reservoirs, canals and rivers. The technology enables sediment disposal without requiring a change in the regime of the hydro-engineering structure (the reservoir does not need to be emptied, the generation of electric energy is not restricted, etc.). The method ensures a significant decrease of eutrophication of the aqueous environment - the formation of oxygen deficit will be reduced, the species diversity will be enhanced and the massive development of water bloom will be suppressed. There will no longer be reasons for the application of chemical preparations to reduce the primary production of water bloom. The technology has a positive effect on the environment; it has been verified in practice and has a wide application in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Project solution: 3/2009 - 2/2012

Project coordinator: Ing. Jana Slámová