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Czech Renewable Energy Alliance

Type study for optimization of waste management and waste energy recovery

The project is based on the current, worldwide growing need to address the problems associated with waste management. Especially in fast developing countries, where the growing economic power of the population is increasing the quantity of the waste. In these countries the waste is not processed nor used in any way and constantly accumulates on the landfills of municipal waste, which are not in many cases secured against a negative environmental impact.

The focus of the study is to design the revitalization and stabilization of municipal waste and other waste landfills, and in the conception of appropriate comprehensive system for collection, transport and sorting and disposal of waste, and the classification of the various types of waste and the design of suitable end-technological equipment for energy recovery. For the purpose of the study the area of about 500,000 inhabitants was chosen.

The aim is to use the type study to attract potential customers, which may be the governments of individual states, their autonomous municipalities or private investors who deal with the waste management in the given territory. 

Project development: 9/2009 - 12/2011

Project leader: Ing. Tomáš Dvořák