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Czech Renewable Energy Alliance

Usage of modern temperature measurements for dikes seepage detection

The goal of this project is design, installation and methodology elaboration of the seepage survey of two temperature measurement methods:
  • By means of steel bars equipped by temperature sensors driven into the dikes zones where seepage is expected
  • By means of optic cable placed in dam or dike body (or for example near the drainage system)

Optic cable seepage regime measurement seems to be a sufficient instrument for obtaining more precise spatial information about seepage distribution from different parts of the water structure. Phase measurements enables comparing differences between following stages whereas continual measurement enables ongoing control and early recognition of anomalies, changes and adverse development, which is important for proper measures implementation. Control is carried out by temperature measuring and evaluating along the whole length of the cable.

Project expected output are recommendation for water structures owners whether these methods are suitable for technical safety surveillance over water structures, additional measurement implementation, water structure inspections but also where problems detailed knowledge is needed prior to expensive water structures rehabilitation or reconstruction.

Project leader: Ing. Ondřej Černý

Project development: 3/2012 – 12/2014