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Czech Renewable Energy Alliance

Cluster Members

 AQUA PROCON s.r.o. is a designing and consulting company for the branch of water distribution and sewege systems, including master plans, drinking water purification plants and wastewater treatment plants

AQUAS vodní díla s.r.o. is a implementation company for water structures and for instalation of technical units

Český hydrometeorologický ústav is a state hydrometeorological institute

GEOtest, a.s. is a company in the branches of hydrogeology, engineering geology and geotechnics, remediationm environmental services, with its own certified laboratory for analyses of water and soil 

HG partner s.r.o. is a designing company in the branch of water structures

AW-DAD, s.r.o. is a designing and consulting office in the branches of water reservoirs and technologies for hydraulic structures

MATOUŠEK CZ a.s. is a development, designing and building company in the branch of ecological constructions and technologies for renewable energy resources (water, wind, waste to energy)

Mendelova univerzita v Brně is the oldest university in the branch of agriculture and forestry in the Czech Republic 

PS PROFI s.r.o. 
is a development and implementation company in the branch of special services for hydraulic structures with its own diving team for the implementation of special works and repairs in flooded locations, including consultancy, training and turnkey deliveries

SIGMAINVEST spol. s r.o.
 is a supplier of complete technological units for pumping, irrigation, water-supply and water-treatment systems with its own engineering division

Strojírny Brno, a.s. is a manufacturer of water turbines and engineering technologies for hydraulic structures and a supplier of complete technological units for mini hydropower plants

Sun Drive s.r.o. is a publicity and marketing company operating at internacional level, a partner for the implementation of state exhibitions and trade fairs with state support, a partner of trade fairs Power Gen a Hydropower&Dams

URGA, s.r.o. is a development and implementation company in the branches of geology, construction and waste reprocessing 

is a company in the branch of technical and safety supervision over waterworks

Brno University of Technology is notably the Faculty of Civil Engineering, the Department of Water Structures with the Laboratory of Water Management Research, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, and the Energy Institute with the Victor Kaplan Department of Fluid Engineering are participating in the activity of the Cluster

Partners of the Cluster:

Amberg Engineering Brno, a.s 

Asociace pro vodu v krajině ČR, z.s. 

BC Akademie věd 

BIC-R&D, s.r.o. 

CREA Co., Irák 

Český přehradní výbor 

ČEZ, a.s.

ČKD Blansko, Holding Group 

HBH Projekt s.r.o. 

Ing. Jiří Štětina, CSc. 

Povodí Moravy, s.p. 

Regam s.r.o. 

Univerzita obrany

International Partners of the Cluster:

CREA Company for the Construction of Dams & Hydropower Stations, Erbil
the local representative of the Association with the highest certification for projects and implementation of works in Iraq

Energoprojekt Hidroinzenjering, Belgrade
the most significant Serbian company in the branch of water resources management

Institut for Hydropower Research, Hanoi
the Vietnamese state institute for research of water power plants

Pöyry Environment, a.s.
multinational engineering and consulting company in the areas of water resources management and the environment