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Czech Renewable Energy Alliance

Research and development

1. AOP4Water – Reducing fresh water consumption in high water volume consuming industries by recycling AOP-treated effluents. Research project focused on water (re-)use and water recycling in paper and textile industry

2. ALBAPRO – Algae-bacteria operation processes for waste water treatment and biomass production. The objectives of the project are to implement and verify a new concept of wastewater treatment using symbiotic algae and bacteria colonies in real for effluents treatment and production of biomass and for its further valorisation.

3.  New energy-efficient methods of industrial wastewater treatment. 

4.  Development of Technologies for Extraction and Disposal of Sediment from Water Reservoirs. A research project focusing on extraction and disposal of sediment from water reservoirs. 

5.  Type study for optimization of waste management and waste energy recovery. Study dealing with problems of waste management for cities with a population of about 500,000 inhabitants.

6. Usage of modern temperature measurements for dikes seepage detection. A research project focusing on usage of modern temperature measurement for dikes seepage detection.