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Czech Renewable Energy Alliance

The 4th iWATERMAP semester finished

Ukončený semestr projektu iWATERMAP

The iWATERMAP project from the INTERREG Europe program is currently ending the 4th semester of its course. Partners from the Netherlands, Latvia, Romania, Portugal, Spain, Greece and the Czech Republic are working together to improve innovation policy in order to increase the critical level of development of innovative ecosystems in the water technology sector. On behalf of the Czech Republic, the project is solved via the cooperation of the CREA cluster, the Mendel University in Brno and the South Moravian Region.


Within the project there were achieved first implemented results, namely the elaboration of 3 versions of roadmaps for human resources, internationalization and critical mass development. Following the roadmaps, the 1st draft of the Action Plan has currently been completed. It specifies and sets individual goals to achieve for the region of the South Moravian Region. The partial documents of the project include regional self-assessment for the South Moravian Region, which outlines and evaluates the main challenges and goals for regional innovation strategies. Assessment also identifies suitable topics for subsequent solutions in the regional policy.

It was not possible to realize a planned project meeting in Portugal in April 2020 because of the actual pandemic situation. Despite the situation, online project meeting took place as webinar. There were whole Czech project team and representatives of Mendel University in Brno. The meeting occupied the current development of the project, management, outputs of project, and finally Action Plans processing.

Considering the current government regulations, it was possible to hold a regional meeting of the project team due to the favourable pandemic situation in the Czech Republic. The meeting took place at the headquarters of GEOtest company. The individual roadmaps and their iconographic processing following the action plan, and the current development of the project was summarized and were introduced to participants.

Iconography of individual roadmaps:

Press release avaible here.

More information on PoVE WATER project: https://www.interregeurope.eu/iwatermap/.