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Czech Renewable Energy Alliance

Water Management

Water management

Water management, including water works and hydraulic constructions in all its forms, it is  main field of the cluster. This field is connected with the field of renewable energy in the form of hydropower and alo with the waste management in area of sediments and pollution problems of water resources. Water, ensuring its resources, quality and effective use.

The clusters regions of function led by the South Moravia and Olomouc region were and are the places leading of action in educational, research, engineering, technology and construction subjects in the field. Whether it is hydraulic construction, water equipment, ensuring water resources, water conservation, treatment and purification, its distribution, irrigation or the role of water in landscape or special work underwater.

Objectives of the cluster CREA Hydro&Energy is a further development of the czech dam tradition that persists primarily in the form of maintenance, repair and modernization of existing dams. The transfer of knowledge from older generations who have participated in the construction of dams and had a significant position in the world, it is crucial for maintaining the level of the field and for its further development and use abroad.

Another objective is the research and development of new methods and technologies for particular area of water management from the treatment of water resources through the measurement and safety to the treatment and purification of water.

Development of international cooperation in the research and development with the developed countries and target implementation activities on third markets outside the EU are other objectives that underlie ensuring the resources for development of the field in region for the future.