Mini hydropower plant Sevilla, Philippines 2006 – 2008

The Sevilla hydropower plant is a run-off-river mini hydropower plant on the Loboc River, on Bohol Island, in the central part of the Philippine Archipelago. The plant is located in a well-known tourist area near the Chocolate Hills and a natural reserve of tarsiers, about 5 km upstream from the town of Loboc, where riverview cruises take place. Construction of the plant, including electromechanical equipment, was financed from the World Bank loan budget provided for renewable energy development in the Philippines. The local administrator of the budget was the Development Bank of the Philippines. The developer-loan purchaser and now the operator of the plant is Bohol Electric Cooperative I. 

The original design was improved by the consortium of CREA Hydro&Energy members during a tendering procedure that allowed better hydraulic parameters to be obtained. The final wining design rached 1,729 kW of the maximal output and the Czech consortium led by Strojirny Brno was awarded the contract for the detail design, manufacturing, supply and installation of electro-mechanical equipment. The equipment comprises two vertical Kaplan turbines, two vertical synchronous generators, hydraulic governors, electronic control systems, electrical outupt including transformers, intake gates, stop logs, overhead bridge crane and auxiliary equipment. 


Design head: 10 m
Maximal discharge: 15,4 m³.s-1
Maximal turbine output: 1,729 kW
Nominal speed: 300 min-1
Runaway speed: 750 rpm
Runner diameter: 1,570 mm
Počet nožů: 4
Installed suction head: -1 m
Max. hydraulic axial thurst: 725 kN
Generator voltage: 6600 V
Frequence: 60 hz

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