Cluster members and partners

Who is part of the CREA Hydro&Energy cluster?

Cluster members

ABO valve s.r.o. [LOGO]

ABO valve s.r.o.

The largest manufacturer of butterfly valves in the Czech Republic. We shape the future and operation of many industrial sectors, including the regulation of water, air, oils, fuels, or chemicals.


A multidisciplinary project and engineering company, we are among the leaders in the field of water management. Gradually, we have expanded our services to include urban infrastructure, road, land, and industrial construction.
AQUAS vodní díla s.r.o. [LOGO]

AQUAS vodní díla s.r.o.

The company specializes in supplying technological units and construction works in water management. We carry out repairs, inspections, and installations of all types of waterworks closures – such as dam gates, valves, etc.
AW-DAD, s.r.o. [LOGO]

AW-DAD, s.r.o.

The company offers design and engineering services related to investment construction, repairs, and maintenance on watercourses and hydrotechnical structures, as well as on secured waste disposal sites.

Český hydrometeorologický ústav [LOGO]

Czech Hydrometeorological Institute

A state institution for monitoring weather conditions, watercourses, air quality, and climate change. It provides accurate weather forecasts and predictions of extreme events, and conducts research in the fields of hydrology, meteorology, and climatology.
Designtec, s.r.o. [LOGO]


The company offers a wide portfolio of technical calculations and expertise based on the application of modern numerical simulation methods to improve product reliability and reduce manufacturing costs.
ELZACO, spol s.r.o. [LOGO]

ELZACO, spol s.r.o.

The company specializes in the field of technological process management, design, and production of purpose-built machines and small hydroelectric power plants. We leverage our extensive experience in our work.
GEOtest, a.s. [LOGO]

GEOtest, a.s.

CA traditional Czech company established in the market for over 50 years. We provide a wide range of services – from consulting to supply – in environmental fields, engineering geology, geotechnics, geophysics, and hydrogeology.


The company, established since 1995, is personnel, professionally, and technically capable of carrying out all surveying activities to fully meet the needs of customers in this area and related fields.

Global Urga Trade, s.r.o.

A trading company specializing in geology and hydrogeology with a focus on exporting to foreign countries worldwide.

HG partner s.r.o. [LOGO]

HG partner s.r.o.

The company provides expert support in the field of water management to state-owned water basin authorities, municipalities, cities, and individuals. We handle projects throughout the Czech Republic as well as abroad.
Ing. Jan Matoušek - AGROSTAV Jevíčko [LOGO]

Ing. Jan Matoušek - AGROSTAV Jevíčko

Development, design, and construction company specializing in ecological buildings and technologies for renewable energy sources (water, wind, waste).
Petr Poštulka [LOGO]

Ing. Petr Poštulka

Architectural and engineering activities and related technical consulting.

Kavyl spol. s.r.o. [LOGO]

Kavyl spol. s.r.o.

A company specializing in water management structures, landscaping, comprehensive green area maintenance, timber production, and repair and servicing of construction and specialized machinery.
Mendelova univerzita v Brně [LOGO]

Mendel university in Brno

The oldest university in the field of agriculture and forestry in the Czech Republic, which deals with environmental protection, climate change, sustainability, circular economy, and many other areas.
PS PROFI s.r.o. [LOGO]

PS PROFI s.r.o.

A development and implementation company specializing in special services for water structures with its own diving team for carrying out special works and repairs in flooded areas, including consultancy, training, and comprehensive supply.
Přátelská energie s.r.o. [LOGO]

Přátelská energie s.r.o.

A consulting firm specializing in economic, marketing, and educational consultancy, including a focus on digitalization and new technologies.

Strojírny Brno, a.s. [LOGO]

Strojírny Brno, a.s.

The company specializes in the production of water turbines and engineering technologies for waterworks and is a supplier of complete technological units for small hydropower plants.
Střední průmyslová škola stavební Brno, p.o. [LOGO]

Secondary industrial school of construction Brno, p.o.

The vocational school in Brno offers the opportunity to study in the field of construction with a focus on building renovations and architecture, civil engineering, as well as transportation and water management structures.
Sun Drive s.r.o. [LOGO]

Sun Drive s.r.o.

A promotional and marketing company operating at the international level, a partner for organizing official participations and trade fairs with state support, a partner of Power Gen and Hydropower&Dams trade fairs.
TECHNOTRADE spol. s.r.o. [LOGO]

TECHNOTRADE spol. s.r.o.

The company offers comprehensive solutions for machine systems, combining expertise in hydraulics, electronics, software, and electric drives.
URGA, s.r.o. [LOGO]

URGA, s.r.o.

The company focuses on services, applied research, and development in the field of natural and technical sciences, primarily geology, geotechnics, engineering geology, and hydrogeology.


The company focuses on innovations that help customers in the efficient management of transportation infrastructure and traffic control. Together with our clients, partners, and scientific institutions, we are advancing the world of traffic management.


Czech company specializing in water infrastructure safety, design, and flood protection. Its main activity is technical and safety supervision (TBD) over water structures.
Vysoké učení technické v Brně [LOGO]

Technical University Brno

Brno University of Technology, primarily involving the Institute of Water Structures with the Laboratory of Water Management Research and the Energy Institute with the Department of Fluid Engineering Viktor Kaplan.


A design company offering consultancy, design work, engineering services, grant processing, and supervision activities not only in the field of water management.

Membership in associations

  • National Cluster Association
  • Association for water in landscape of the Czech Republic, z.s.
  • Czech Dam Committee

  • Water in Landscape - Center of Vocational Education

International partners of the cluster

  • CREA Company for the Construction of Dams & Hydropower Stations, Erbil

    local representative of the association with the highest certificate for construction projects and implementation of works in Iraq.

  • Energoprojekt Hidroinzenjering, Belgrade

    the most important Serbian company in the field of water resources management.

  • Institut for Hydropower Research, Hanoi

    Vietnam State Hydropower Technology Research Institute

  • Pöyry Environment, a.s.

    a multinational engineering and consulting company in the field of water resources and the environment.

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