Infrastructure 7

OP PIK Spolupráce-Klastry Výzva VII.


The aim of the project is to provide and supply equipment, HW and SW for new collective research projects in the field of water management. Part of the project is the acquisition of a mobile mapping tool and the integration of technologies, enabling the collection of data on banks, structures and structures in relation to water areas and terrain in the vicinity and below the watercourses and reservoirs.

Date: 1.1.2021 – 31.12.2022

The following infrastructure was acquired as part of the project:

  1. Dell LT 5510 laptop with accessories
  2. Lenovo TCM75 laptop with accessories
  3. GPS system
  4. Portable data logger with accessories
  5. Three-axis accelerometer with accessories
  6. Aerla camera with accessories
  7. RedEdge camera with accessories
  8. senseFly camera with accessories
  9. Imaging system
  10. Lenovo laptop
  11. Borehole camera
  12. Level gauge OWI20 and OWI25
  13. SW DELL Server CAL and 2022
  14. Photogrammetric SW DELL

Anyone interested in using the equipment for research and development purposes can contact the coordinator of the research center in Brno by email:

The device is located in the CREA cluster premises in Brno at the address:

Šmahova 1244/112
627 00 Brno
Czech Republic

CREA Hydro&Energy, z.s.

Traubova 1546/6, 602 00 Brno  •  tel.: +420 773 789 264   •   fax: +420 545 216 784  •  datová schránka: k6cwfwe  •  e-mail:   •