EUropean Water initiative for fostering International Sustainable Development

EUropean Water initiative for fostering International Sustainable Development

Clusters Go International – Strand A (COSME)

Programme: COSME

ID: COS-CLUSINT-2020-3-01

Project summary

The euWater4i-SD project aims to set an European Strategic Cluster Partnership Going International (ESCP-4i) to enable water-smart solutions entering the sustainable territorial development (STD) market in emerging countries. euWater4i-SD is particularly focused on global water-smart solutions (services, technologies and funding) enabling the transition towards sustainable territories through resource-efficient management and circular economy implementation in the five key sectors of the STD market.

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euWater4i-SD consists on building a one-stop-shop for EU SMEs, offering water-smart solutions to foster their business opportunities and increase their competitiveness at the global scale.

The euWater4i-SD partnership consists of:

  • France Water Team, water cluster, France (project leader)
  • ACLIMA, energy-environment cluster, Spain
  • CREA Hydro & Energy, water-energy cluster, Czech Republic
  • Ecoliance, water-energy-building-recycling cluster, Germany
  • Green Synergie cluster, energy-environment cluster, Bulgaria

This partnership with associated partners from interrelated sectors will join their competences to have an impact on EU employment, growth, and innovation. This will be done through:

  • The co-design and validation of a Joint Internationalisation Strategy reaching 1,000  SMEs to access non-EU markets, in particular in Eastern Africa and Latin America (concluding up to 10 Business Agreements)
  • The active cooperation among 5 clusters and their members within this ESCP-4i and beyond (achieving 14 Cooperation Agreements & 8 Cooperation Projects).
  • The development of a sustainable governance system and a common branding for the ESCP-4i to ensure long-term collaboration
  • The active promotion of euWater4i-SD as a metacluster representing the whole value-chain on water-smart solutions addressing the multiple cross-cutting challenges of the STD

euWater4i-SD is built upon Water Smart Territories, one of the Industrial Modernisation thematic partnerships gathering 21 EU regions and will use its strong connection as a real multiplier for widening and increasing the project’s impacts.

Duration: 36 months (from September 2021 till September 2024)

CREA Hydro&Energy, z.s.

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