Hiring Consultant Panel for the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources, Iraq 2010 – 2013

The objective of the project “Hiring Consultant Panel“ for the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources (MoAWR) of the Kurdistan Regional Government was to provide consulting services in the following branches:

  • Geology Engineering
  • Hydraulic Engineering
  • Hydrotechnical Engineering
  • Geotechnical Engineering

Northern Iraq, which is under the administration of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) within the Federal Republic of Iraq, is making a considerable effort for the development of its country directed particularly towards ensuring self-sufficiency in the production of food and energy. This relates to the effort for a rational use of available water resources located on the territory under the administration of the KRG. Therefore, the construction of many dams and appurtenant hydro-engineering structures, such as irrigation installations and hydroelectric power plants, is being prepared and carried out in the north of Iraq at the present time. 

The contract was commenced after winning a tender announced by the MoAWR. During one year, 10 experts and a supporting team in the Czech Republic were involved in the work of the “Hiring Consultant Panel” directly in Iraq. In all, the team elaborated 159 reports relating to 18 sites in northern Iraq. The most extensive reports concerned assessment of comprehensive projects of hydro-engineering structures. During the panel, 2 dams were completed, the construction of 4 dams was commenced and the designs of 12 dams were prepared. In addition, the sites of planned hydro-engineering structures were assessed (site visits) in relation to the submitted reports or the construction of hydro-engineering structures in different stages of work in progress. A part of the reports pertained recommendations or opinions on particular technical problems at individual hydro-engineering structures. In the case that the client found it useful, workshops on selected problems were organized for the MoAWR staff and building contractors. In addition to the work relating directly to hydro-engineering structures, the staff of the “Hiring Consultant Panel” also elaborated opinions on reports of other experts.

After the end of the project, the Czech experts continue in consulting activity during the construction of 3 new dams in the north of Iraq.

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