Water in the Landscape – Center of Vocational Education, registered association

August 16, 2023

At the beginning of this year, the inaugural membership meeting of the association ‘Water in the Landscape – Center for Professional Education, registered association’ took place at Mendel University. The association was registered in the registry at the end of March and is based at Mendel University. The founding of the center was attended by representatives from Mendel University in Brno, Brno University of Technology, the CREA Hydro&Energy cluster, the Secondary Industrial School of Building in Brno, and the educational institution for environmental education Lipka. The center’s primary ambition is to bring together individuals or organizations interested in the field of water management. Membership is open to individuals over 18 years old or legal entities operating in the Czech Republic.

The association is conceived as a non-profit organization with the purpose of fulfilling a common interest, which is to support innovative solutions in education in the field of water management in the landscape and to engage in educational activities in sustainable water resource management. Thus, it serves as not only an educational but also a communicative platform in the field of water management and related areas. The goal is to establish a center that goes beyond the framework of official educational structures, involving a wide professional audience, including governmental authorities.

Applications can be sent, as per the statutes, to the chairman of the association, Assoc. Prof. Ing. Martin Klimánek, Ph.D., at the address: vodavkrajine.spolek@gmail.com. The acceptance of a new member is then decided by the association’s committee.”

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